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The exhibit of April Ashley: Portrait of a Lady has just started at the Liverpool Museum. This exhibit reflects the purity of spirit of this remarkable lady. Her story is an inspiring one for any one who doubts their own inner resolve in face of societal pressures.

The story is also one of a highly fashionable and successful fashion model and then activist. The 1960s was a time of innovation for our species on many fronts and England was the epicenter at the beginning of that time. We saw this memorialized in the London Olympics and we have to give credit where credit is due.

America took this revolutionary spirit and ran with it towards it's fullest extent as only a large continental country can, though in many ways, the rights of the gender diverse have lagged far behind.

April Ashley was one of the first Vogue fashion models to be transgender. Her body of work is extensive and approachable. Her work also has a vulnerability to it that at times shows the loneliness of having a fashion sense that is pioneering.

Loneliness and vulnerability is heightened in the resolve it takes to live as one must in backward times and the abuse it can open one up to.

Just in these last few days we have seen that America still has far to go. Here in my own city, DC, the two assaulters of the drag performer Heidi Glum, namely Rachel M. Sahle, 22 and Raymone Harding, 28, of Gaithersburg, Md are getting a slap on the wrist with little more than a week of community service.

It seems that the suburbs hold more violence in them with wannabe thugs and thugettes who visit their false value system of violence on innocents.  They desperately want to prove their street cred in the big bad city more than any thing else.

It is of note that the enforcers of street ignorance try to rule the streets using the same derision that is visited upon them. In this case the  scorn is heaped upon the idea that to choose to express femininity is an inferior weak choice. This is saying that to choose to be female is an inferior weak choice. This is a lie. It is only threatening to those unsure of how well they are pulling off their ruse of masculinity or femininity. 

We need to get our hands out of our pants while viewing the multi-billion dollar shemale porn industry long enough to pull the lever on propositions that support the inherent dignity and worth of transgender and gender diverse people in this country.

Creative expression and beauty leads us to freedom and calls us to where we should follow. Too much beauty is at stake to ignore this issue.



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